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Welcome to the Inflight 200 Models website. We shall be posting regular updates with all the news from Inflight 200 and what is being proposed for the future with the range. Inflight 200 models are regarded as some of the best diecast 200 scale models on the market with a high quality of detail and printing making a true 200 scale replica. We at Inflight 200 have a great range of models which is collectible.Please bookmark the site and check back with us as we are sure there will be something for your collection.

August 2023

Another month has passed and another shipment has been sent out. One of the arrivals for July was the long awaited Lockheed P-3 and these are now being sent to the distributors. Joining these we saw the arrival of the Convair CV990 models which a lot of them are now sold out so pick these up when you can if you wanted these in your collection.

The next releases have been announced and a few highlights which are the TAB DC-10-30F This is the last commercially operated McDonnell Douglas DC-10 which is in service and to commemorate this there is a limited number of models going to be produced. The only other DC-10 aircraft flying is with the military with the KC-10A and the ORBIS FLYING HOSPITAL. Also with this with have the VISTARA Boeing 787-9.

The carrier, a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, commenced operations on 9 January 2015 with its inaugural flight between Delhi and Mumbai. February 2023, Air India CEO Campbell Wilson announced that the Vistara Airlines brand would be dropped and merged with Air India in the next few months. Inflight has decided to produce this as a farewell model in the scheme of VISTARA. The new A320 gear.

These additional wheels did serve a purpose, and were far more than merely an aesthetic choice. Indeed, according to Travel Update, this was because of an infrastructure issue at some Indian airports. However, these were not common across A320s, and only affected a small number of Airbus A320 aircraft in service. The quirk dated back to the era of Indian Airlines, which received 31 double-bogied A320s between June 1989 and December 1994. These aircraft then ended up at Air India after Indian Airlines was merged into the flag carrier. While the A320 is not the heaviest aircraft, it still carries substantial weight. During landing, taxi, or takeoff, this can cause stress on the runway pavement.

As it turns out, some of India's pavements had a lower classification. The classification number gives details relating to the strength of the pavement, and the amount of weight it can handle. Due to this lower classification number, the load of the aircraft had to be distributed across multiple wheels. As such, some of Air India's A320s had these extra wheels. These models will be made available in the near future.


As always a big thank you to you all for sharing your wanted lists with us and as always we shall include these in the schedule where we can as we have with the A320 modified gear.     

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“NEW ARRIVALS” is where you can see photos of the most recent models in the process of being despatched Worldwide to our distributors. A newly added "FEATURED GALLERY" will display 15 releases of model aircraft we think will be of interest to the collector or Airline organisation respectively.


During 2023 we manufactured more exclusive models for Airlines and Air Forces worldwide than ever before and we are proud to announce many more are on order so keep on your favourites and check back regularly for updates. Also download our new mobile APP which will send you alerts to when new contact is added to the website with the latest releases and news.


Air Jamaica Airbus A310-300 6Y-JAB



See our latest releases section for new arrivals and future releases. Feel free to click on the collections where you can see the complete production listing for each type manufactured.


InFlight 200 is a professional range of 1:200 scale model aircraft manufactured for the World's Airlines and model collectors alike.

Pioneering engineers for Inflight200 were able to manufacture a superb quality of model aircraft never seen before in the scale of 1:200. The range has high technical tampo printing, rolling undercarriage with rubber tyres, spinning fan blades in the engines, antennas and with the larger aircraft types a swivelling nose wheel, leaving nothing to the imagination. With feedback and praise coming from airlines and collectors around the world Inflight200 continues to strive to set new standards including additions of flaps up or flaps down choices in wing configuration.

Inflight Line-Up

Inflight200 has a wide range of civil and military aircraft types manufactured over the years including "retro" models of the 1960's, 70's and 80's. The largest aircraft manufactured to date has been the NASA Boeing 747 with space shuttle on the back, down to the smallest being the Lockheed C-140 Jetstar. New mould types are planned so keep a close eye on this website for more news.

Please use the navigation menu to the left to view the wide array of models released to date.

2007 was an historic year for Boeing with the 40th Anniversary of the first flight of the ever popular 737-200 which first took to the skies back in 1967 on August 8th. To commemorate this we have produced a limited edition model to represent the first flight of this historic airliner.

Historic Aircraft

Inflight200 are pleased to be able to offer model types of airliners and military transports from the 1960's to the current day.

We celebrated in 2007 also the 40th anniversary of the Douglas DC-8-63 which first flew on April 10th 1967 and was delivered to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines on July 15th of the same year. The aircraft was then put into commercial service on July 27th 1967. With the development of the series 63 aircraft which was the fuselage of the DC-8-61 and the wings of the DC-8-62, we at Inflight thought it would be good to develop this model from our very much appreciated DC-8-62. We were pleased to be able to introduce the DC-8-63 into the collection in 2008, with Iberia being the first and CP Air coming later that year.

We at Inflight 200 want to be able to capture the history of aviation with models of high quality and detail.

We hope you enjoy our efforts in bringing accurate models to your collection.


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We at InFlight 200 would like to show the amount of precision work involved and the various stages of manufacturing process, from concept to finished product. Below, is only a small sample of the intense work that goes into the production of our models.

Stage 1: Deciding the subject of the next mould.

Using the 747 as an example, the first thing to establish is how many liveries can be applied to the aircraft, bearing in mind that the mould cost for this aircraft is in excess of US $80,000! Of course, the 747 will be a very popular subject, hence the next step is to approach Boeing for the license to manufacture their aircraft. Once licensing is agreed, and royalties are negotiated, we can move on to stage 2...

Stage 2: Deciding the colour scheme for the next release.

This stage of production takes place at least six months before scheduled release date. The choice of scheme depends on a number of factors, such as airline license, saleability and collectability. If an airline approaches us for a product, we do our best to ensure that limited numbers become available for the collector, for example with the Qantas releases. Once an airline has been decided, any airline licenses are obtained and royalties negotiated, we can then move on to stage 3...

Stage 3: Artwork.

Communication with the factory in China opens with us sending information and reference pictures for the chosen subject. With regular visits to the factory, we are able to check up on progress, and make corrections and alterations where necessary; if needed, we can consult the airlines for their requirements. Artwork (see below) can take up to two/three months to achieve the required standard, with various emails and telephone calls back and forth to the factory before stage 4...

The artwork for this particular aircraft was put on various forums for the collector to scrutinize, and to pass comments on anything that needed amending.

Stage 4: Manufacturing process.

Once the artwork has been approved and signed off, the model can then go into production. Contrary to belief, these models are hand made. Each model passes through approximately 30-40 pairs of hands before the finished aircraft is boxed for dispatch.

  • The cast of the aircraft is produced and cleaned up by hand.
  • The wing and fuselage sections are then prepared for printing.
    The prepared sections are then tampo printed for the correct colour scheme.
  • This process can take several repetitions, depending on the complexity of the final colour scheme.
  • The printed parts are then assembled and quality control looks for any defects on the parts.
  • The final stage in the factory is for the product to go through a final quality control check, then it is boxed in preparation for dispatch.

Stage 5: Distribution.

All orders are fulfilled from the distribution centre in Hong Kong and shipped out all around the world to the relevant distributors, who in turn distribute to their authorized retailers.

Stage 6: Retail.

We would like to thank the retailers for their support of our product and collectors worldwide for purchasing our product.


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For customers looking for spare parts, can we ask you to contact your authorized Inflight 200 model's retailer where the model was purchased. If the authorized retailer cannot help you then please contact us, and we shall do our best to help at [email protected] . Please note that some parts may not be available for the older models.

Please note only the smaller parts are offered such as antennas, wheels, navigation lights and engine fans we do not supply spare tails, wings and larger parts. We are also unable to offer a service for repairing models.

We at Inflight 200 models support our authorized retailers and all rrequests for spare parts must be accompanied by proof of purchase from an Inflight 200 retailer.

All packages will have a standard $15.00 usd with a maximum of 3 parts.

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