Douglas DC-8-63

After many many years of deliberation from the Douglas company on whether to enter the jet age or not, in the summer of 1955 a complete replica of the DC-8 was manufactured. This was used by engineers to develop not only the interior layout, but also to determine the exact locations of major items such as the black box, wire bundles, and cable routings etc. Three years later, on the 9th of April 1958, Ship One (as the first aircraft was always referred to) was ceremoniously rolled out, and waving from the open cockpit windows were Donald W. Douglas Sr. and son Don Jr. - by then president of the Douglas Aircraft Company. In front of an estimated 95,000 employees, Ship One - registered N8008D - took to the skies on the 30th of May 1958, launching another great name into the jetliner era. The InFlight 200 DC-8 features rubber tires, rolling wheels, aerials and high attention to detail.