Boeing 747-300

Since the roll-out of the first 747, at Boeing's Everett facility on the 30th September 1968, this aircraft has been admired by millions around the world. The first flight of the 747 took place on the 9th February 1969, chief test pilot Jack Waddell, copilot Brien Wygle and flight engineer Jess Wallick lifting the aircraft off at 11.34am on a 1 hour 16 minute maiden sortie. History was in the making. The InFlight 200 747 is in our opinion, as close as possible to the real thing. Featuring rolling tires, turning nose wheels and rotating engine fans, aerials, and attention to detail. The detail on the 747-100 goes as far as showing the INS bump (Inertial Navigation System); this of course was later removed on the 747-200. With the development of the 747 to the -300 and -400 series, modifications will also be replicated on our models, ensuring the accuracy and attention to detail that our collectors and airlines have come to expect.