Boeing 707-420

The final design approved by Boeing for their new jetliner and was the 80th variant to be submitted; the Boeing 367-80, publicly known as the 707, was rolled out at Renton, WA plant on the 14th May 1954 in a canary yellow/chocolate/white and yellow color , with the registration N70700 to show its new Model number and had the Boeing constructors number 17158. The 367-80 underwent a series of taxi trials and then history was made on the 15th of July 1954, when the Boeing chief test pilot Alvin 'Tex' Johnson lifted the 367-80 off the ground for the first time. With the development of the airframe, Boeing adopted the 707 in 1964 while on trials, which included NASA. The -420 series of the 707 varies on the engines and rear section of the aircraft. Featuring Rolls Royce Conway engines and a ventral fin below the tail. The InFlight 200 707 features rubber tires, rolling wheels and a high attention to detail.